With offices in Orem, Utah and Elko, Nevada, Brower & Associates provides experienced architectural serivces for Northern Utah and Northern Nevada. Current projects include commercial projects, multi-family housing, church buildings, residences and casinos.

During the Middle Ages, the master builder was both the designer and builder. The master builder slowly evolved over time into two professions, architects and contractors.

In today's construction world, architectural firms tend to specialize in narrowly defined building types, such as schools, government or commercial. Brower & Associates, however, remains a full-service architectural firm, designing commercial, educational, religious and residential projects.

In addition to architectural building design, Brower & Associates has extensive experience in roofing. Although any architect must have some knowledge of common roofing materials, we have returned to "school", taking many nationally-recognized roofing seminars and roofing certification programs. Coupled with our architectural experience, we are uniquely qualified as roof consultants to assess your roofing problems and design outstanding solutions to those problems.