Over the years, Brower & Associates has designed many custom homes for clients, such as the WordPerfect officials, doctors, dentists and many others. Smaller homes, tract homes and apartments have also been done.

Having a highly-qualified professional designing your home saves you, the owner, time and money. Time is saved my reducing questions on the drawings and confusion during construction. Money is saved because sub-contractors have fewer unanswered questions on the drawings, allowing them to submit lower bids to the general contractor. If a "grey area" exists on the drawings, the bidders will add extra money into their price to protect themselves.

An architect is trained to see "living spaces," spaces where people live and learn. They look at how a living space will affect the user, good or bad. Some homes are immensely livable, comfortable and appealing. Other spaces are stark, misshapen and dreary. Having an architect visualize these spaces during the design process is much better than having a design student at a technical college draw lines on a CAD program he is learning . . . or an engineer that was schooled and trained to run sewer lines, gutters and drainage.

Anyone can legally design a home. Cities do however, typically require structural calculations from a structural engineer. But no architectural seal is required. However, paying a little extra for an architect can eliminate design flaws that could haunt you for the life of your home.

Jerry Brower is pleased and excited to work with everyone on their home design project. He personally meets with every client, supervising the design of the home. Then depending on the project, a CAD operator is assigned to the project, while still being supervised by the architect. Here at Brower & Associates, we have several levels of service:

The owner brings a floor plan, elevation and property description of his proposed home. B&A provides CAD drafting services sufficient to get a building permit. The cost is $2.00/sq.ft. for finished spaces and $0.50 for unfinished spaces, such as a basement and/or garage. Engineering costs are extra. No liability.

The owner brings in several floor plans and a property description. B&A helps the owner decide on a final floor plan and elevations, then provides CAD drafting services sufficient to get a building permit. The cost is $3.00/sq.ft. for finished spaces and $0.75 for unfinished spaces. Engineering costs are extra. No liability.

The owner meets with the architect to determine their wants and desires. The design is completed, all documents prepared, city approvals received, bidding supervised and the construction observed until completion. The cost is between four and ten percent of the cost of construction, depending on services offered. Engineering is included in the design fee and full liability if available.

In all cases, the first consultation is free and without obligation. Call today to set up a time when we can visit together and start you on your way to your dream home.