Most people treat their roofs like their cars. As long as it keeps functioning, they put very little maintenance into it. But, just like a car, roofs need yearly attention in order to get the maximum life out of it. And periodic inspections can spot a potential leak before it ruins the inside of the building . . . and possible valuable data and property.

Every valuable roof show be examined twice a year, in the early spring and the fall. Defects that show up due to freezing and thawing, foot traffic and heat can be identified and repaired before any further damage occurs. A maintained roof could last twice as long as a roof that is left to deteriorate.

Using Roofer, Brower and Associates can examine a roof, enter the data into a data base and produce a report of the condition of the existing roof, repairs (with costs) that should be made, and the projected life expectancy. The program recommends when a roof should be repaired or replaced, depending on the most efficient use of the owner's funds.

More importantly, a statistical projection of the cost of repairs and/or replace is made for the next ten years. The owner is then able to forecast and budget the costs of the roof. It certainly is better than budgeting by emergency when a roof unexpectedly fails.

Roofer can print out buildings by individual roof areas, single buildings or an entire building complex, such as a campus, school district or business site.

Our largest consulting project was the Intermountain Power Project near Delta, Utah. Forty-six buildings were evaluated and reports made for each building and the entire complex.

Gerald G. Brower, AIA, has taken almost all of the roofing classes from the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI) in Denver and passed all of their certification programs. Other seminars have been taken from the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI) and other agencies. He is in the process of earning the Registered Roof Consultant (RRC) designation from RCI, which will qualify him for state and federal projects.

Costs for roof consulting run from $.02/sf.ft. to $0.12/sq.ft., depending on the size and complexity of the roof(s)